We are rooted in family values and fueled by the ever-changing world around us.

In 2009, C&G was created by two sisters and cultivated from their father’s 30 years in the construction industry.

the C&G model.

The C&G way is built on three pillars: Purpose, Process and Partnerships.

  • our purpose.

    C&G was founded on the principle that every project deserves a diverse team to execute it. We are dedicated to ensuring that our customers have the opportunity to build with a team that has their eye on the same end goal, but with a different perspective.

  • our process.

    We pride ourselves on ingenuity and adaptability, while also maintaining the expectations of our customers in our everchanging industry. With extensive industry knowledge, streamlined processes, and a commitment to transparency, we are dedicated to being a dependable supplier.

  • our partnerships.

    C&G has created long standing relationships with contractors, manufacturers, and various agencies and associations to ensure that we can do our job well. We’ve developed these relationships through hard work, mutual respect and earned trust.

A history of excellence - from one father's dream to
one of the midwest’s most successful women led supply companies.

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For more than a decade, C&G has delivered
quality products and services.